About Us

We are general trading company based in Muscat and trade in multiple industries/items including but not limited to commodities, luxury items, home decor, garments and specialised packaging. Our services include sourcing and procurement, supply chain management, logistics and warehousing. We assist clients in provision of facilitating commercial trade regulations, reducing costs, and optimizing their operations in sustainable manner.

With more than decade of experience being part of Al Arabia group we carry an asset of relation networks and understanding of GCC market. Providing base of operations in Muscat as well UAE we provide unique opportunity to connect buyers and sellers from different parts of the world.

Our dedicated team of professionals believes in relationships beyond transactions and makes best efforts to provide a team which you are happy to be part of to help businesses expand their reach, explore new markets, and seize profitable opportunities.We look forward to take you on board.


To provide trading services and solutions to global clients with a view to mutually beneficial value addition and distinct customer experience.


1. Integrity: We make utmost efforts to ensure transparency, and fairness. We believe in cultivaing long-term relationships and maintaining these through credible inputs.

2. Customer-centric approach: Our clients are the epicentre of our business value chain. We believe in understanding before undersrood to provide best possible solutions to ensure a mutually rewarding success.

3. Global perspective: We embrace diversity and appreciate the multitude of perspectives in order to understand/exploit the trends and opportunities the global marketplace. Our international network comes handy to facilitate the decision making of our clients through sharing of information and experience.

4. Sustainability: We are dedicated to conducting our business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.